West Side Story October 2010

Director – Chris Malone
Musical Director – Nic Luker
Choreographer – Claire Izzard

The Jets (Americans)

Tony – James Bailey, Riff – John Sutherland, Action – Paul Grace, Diesel – Chris Goldhawk,

 Snowboy – Ed Thomson, A-Rab – Dean Robertson, Baby John – Jon Ford, Big Deal – Toby Jones

Velma – Sarah Jane Pullen, Graziella – Louise Vinter, Anybodys – Emma Rowland
Jet Girl – Nadine Brooks, Jet Girl – Julie Fallon, Jet Girl – Michelle Fuller
Jet Girl – Nicola Hawkins, Jet Girl – Georgia Homewood
Jet Girl – Beci Sageman, Jet Girl – Susan Yates

The Sharks (Puerto Ricans)

Bernardo – Jeff Chinappen, Chino – Ziggi Szafranski, Pepe – Nick Mead
Indio – Darren Percival, Luis – Dalton Leong, Toro – Michael Leopold

Maria – Lucy Hanneghan, Anita – Whitney Jackson, Consuelo – Victoria Croad
Rosalia – Emma Goldhawk, Estella – Imogen Smart-Steel, Margarita – Emma Jones
Shark Girl – Melanie Beggs, Shark Girl – Aimee Clark, Shark Girl – Hayley Dodsworth
Shark Girl – Emily Page, Shark Girl – Samantha Potten, Shark Girl – Lisa Stewart
Shark Girl – Nalia Watson

The Adults

Officer Krupke – Paul Falconer, Doc – Geoff Brown, Lt. Schrank – GB Milsom
Glad Hand – Danny Willis, Somewhere Soloist – Lisa Rose-Michael


Inspired by the timeless story of Romeo and JulietWest Side Story takes Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers, and places them in the vibrant battleground of New York City’s West Side in the 1950s. In the midst of the deep-seated rivalry between the Puerto Rican gang, the Sharks, and the white gang, the Jets, Maria and Tony discover that ancient grudges are no match for true love. Their warring factions, however, refuse to back down, and the “rumbles”, romance, and resentment lead the bloody path to the lovers’ ultimate, tragic conclusion With soaring, sophisticated, and diverse melodies, energetic and athletic dance battles, and its remarkably salient social message, West Side Story remains one of American musical theatre’s most revolutionary and most loved treasures.