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Pat Bittlestone

The role of the President is to represent views of the members. The president is there to audit the committee and make sure that committee acts in the best interests of the society and its members. The President can sit on committee and contribute to proceedings but has no voting rights.

Paul Falconer

Chair is the figure-head of the society. Their role is to run the society with the other elected officers and committee members. Chair holds and runs regular committee meetings every 6 weeks and delegates work to the other committee members. The Chair will present opening and closing show meetings.

Melanie Dunn

Darren Flick

Michael Leopold

Katie Leader
Business Manager

Toby Jones
Membership Secretary

Committee Members

Mark Davies (Equality & Diversity), Katy Jackson (Social-Media Manager), Joann Epps (Safeguarding Lead), Danny Rogers & Simon Rothwell




Epsom players usually rehearse on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings between 8 and 10pm and Sunday evenings. If cast in one of our shows you will be required to attend rehearsals on some or all of these days. Depending on the size of your role you may not be required at every rehearsal but as rehearsals progress and a show week approaches there is a greater likelihood that you will be called for every rehearsal.

Mid-Week rehearsals usually take place at:

The Scout Hut/ The Forge (Behind Teddies nursery)

Church Rd, Epsom KT17 4AB

Sunday rehearsals usually take place at:

The Wells Social Centre, Spa Drive

Epsom KT18 7LR