The Constitution sets out the aims, roles and liabilities of the various members of the Society.

1. General
1.1 The Society shall be called Epsom Players.
1.2 The Society shall consist of a President, Vice-Presidents and Members. Junior members under eighteen years of age may also be admitted.
1.3 The object of the Society is to present Musical Productions and Plays for performance to the public and social functions for the benefit of its members.

2. The Committee
2.1 – The affairs of the Society shall be managed by a Committee consisting of the Chair, Vice-Chair, General Secretary, Treasurer and up to seven Committee Members. The members of the Committee shall also fill the roles of Production Manager, Website Manager, Social Media Manager, Publicity Manager, Membership Secretary, Social Secretary, which may vary from production to production. The Committee shall approve the selection of all musical productions and plays to be performed by the Society.
2.2 All posts on the Committee are honorary in nature and members will not receive any payment other than legitimate expenses, supported by receipts, which are incurred in their work for the Society or by reason of their office. Members of the Society, including the Committee, are eligible for consideration of positions on the Production Team of any production. Members of the Society may not receive either direct or indirect payment for taking part in or producing any performance of the Society. However, reasonable expenses may be paid to a member of the production team at the discretion of the Committee.
2.3 The Committee shall meet not less than six times a year.
2.4 All officers and Members of the Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and the Committee shall have the power to fill any casual vacancy that may occur in its membership and co-opt members as necessary. Members co-opted to fill casual vacancies shall rank as full members of the Committee. The quorum of the Committee shall be five and provided this quorum is met, the Committee may continue to act.
2.5 The members of the retiring Committee are eligible for re-election without nomination. Additional candidates seeking election to the Committee must be proposed and seconded by members of the Society, such nominations to reach the General Secretary at least seven days before the Annual General Meeting.
2.6 Where more than one individual is nominated for a post or where an objection is raised to a nomination the election will be put to a ballot of members in attendance of the Annual General Meeting.
2.7 The appointment of any member of the Committee will be terminated in the following circumstances:-
If the Committee, in its absolute discretion, considers the actions of a member to be prejudicial to the purposes or interests of the Society.
Upon receipt of a formal written resignation by the Secretary.

3 Role of President
3.1 The Committee shall nominate an individual to be invited to act as President of the Society subject to the approval of the Society at an Annual General Meeting.
3.2 The role of the President is to represent the view of members. The President is entitled to attend Committee meetings as an observer, and when requested advisor, but does not have voting rights.
3.3 Appointment of President will be subject to review by the Committee at the Annual General Meeting.
3.4 The position of President will be terminated in the following circumstances:-
If the Committee, in its absolute discretion, considers the actions of a President to be prejudicial to the purposes or interests of the Society.
Upon receipt of a formal written resignation by the Secretary.

4 Patrons
4.1 Individuals who wish to support the Society may become Patrons. Patrons will be eligible to receive a complimentary ticket, programme and interval drink for each of the society’s productions during the season.
4.2 Patrons may attend Annual General Meetings of the Society as observers only. They will not be entitled to vote at such meetings. Patrons will not be responsible for underwriting any of the Society’s debts.
4.3 A minimum donation will be payable, due prior to the first production of the season and annually thereafter. The sum will be determined at the Annual General Meeting.

5 Production Teams
5.1 The Committee shall appoint the Director, and where applicable, Musical Director and Choreographer for each production and also a Production Manager, who together with the aforementioned shall form the Production Team responsible to the Committee. Reasonable expenses may be paid to a member of the production team at the discretion of the Committee.
5.2 The Committee shall have the power to request any member of the Committee who has been appointed or is under consideration for appointment as a Director, Musical Director or Choreographer to absent himself or herself from the whole or any part of any meeting of the Committee.

6 Auditions
6.1 Open auditions shall be held for all productions.
6.2 The Chair (or any other member of the Committee) and Director, together with the Musical Director and Choreographer when applicable, shall jointly audition and select members to take part in all productions.
6.3 An audition fee may be charged at the discretion of the Committee.

7. Business Manager
8 Front of House Manager
8.1 The post of Front of House Manager shall be by invitation of the Committee.
9 Membership
9.1 Applications for Society Membership shall be approved by the Committee.
9.2 Members shall have:
the right to attend all Annual General Meetings, auditions and rehearsals of the Society.
the right to one vote at Annual General Meetings of the Society.
receipt of newsletters.
the right to audition for any role at production auditions.
the right to perform in productions of the Society providing a successful audition is undertaken where required.
10 Subscription Rates
10.1 Subscription rates shall be determined by the Annual General Meeting on the recommendation of the Committee.
10.2 It is a requirement that any person cast in the Society’s productions shall be, or become, a member, pay a cast fee as determined by the Committee and may in addition defray the cost of their own vocal scores, libretti or scripts.
10.3 Subscriptions, which are non-refundable, shall become payable upon joining the Society and will fall due on 1st January annually thereafter.
10.4 A lower fee will apply for members who require a chaperone.
10.5 At the discretion of the Committee a reduction in the cast fee or subscription may be applied if circumstances allow.
11 Finance
11.1 The accounts of the Society shall be audited annually by an Auditor elected at the previous Annual General Meeting and a copy of the Balance Sheet together with the Income and Expenditure Account shall be available to every member at the Annual General Meeting.
11.2 All members shall have equal liability for any debts of the Society but shall only be called upon to meet such debts in the event that the Society neither has nor is likely to have assets, funds or income with which to meet or service such debts.
11.3 Contracts between the Society and third parties can only be entered into by Committee members. All proposed contracts must be sanctioned by the Committee. The Business Manager shall have the responsibility of ensuring that all contracts are in the best interests of the Society.12 Annual General Meeting
12.1 An Annual General Meeting shall be held once a year within two months of the end of the financial year. At least fourteen days’ notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be given in writing to every member of the Society.
13 Extraordinary General Meeting
13.1 An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be convened by the General Secretary upon receipt of a request by twenty members or by resolution of the Committee, such meetings to be held within one month of the receipt by the Secretary of a written request and at least seven days notice shall be given to members.
14 Dissolution Statement
14.1 If the society decide to close down an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called. At the meeting the majority of those present will be required to agree that the society should close down. After discharging all debts and liabilities of the society, the remaining assets will not be paid or distributed among members, but shall be given or transferred to some other voluntary organisation having similar objectives to those of the society, to be agreed by the members at the Extraordinary General Meeting.
15 Constitution and Rules
15.1 No alteration or addition to the Constitution shall be made except at a General Meeting, and suggested alterations or additions must be forwarded to the General Secretary in writing at least twenty-one days before the date of such a meeting.
15.2 This Constitution may only be amended by members of the Society at a Annual General Meeting providing that a motion proposing the amendment is passed by a vote of not less than two thirds of members present at the Annual General Meeting.
15.3 Every member shall receive a copy of the Constitution and whenever there is alteration or amendments they shall be circulated to the Members.
15.4 Any other matters not covered in the Constitution or any interpretation thereof shall be dealt with by the Committee.
Last updated 23 March 2016