Epsom Players (“the Society”) operate as a voluntary organisation with a constitution.

The activities of the society are controlled by the executive and non-executive committee comprising of 10 members elected on an annual basis.
The Society has in force an annual insurance policy to cover Public Liability, Employers liability, damage to property, and limited personal injury. The policy is called “First Night Insurance”.
First Night Insurance is a package policy designed specifically for Amateur Societies by Gordon & Co, one of the major Theatrical Insurance Brokers in the UK, and underwritten by Zurich Insurance plc.
The Policy can be viewed at: www.firstnightinsurance.co.uk
This note has specifically been drafted to highlight to members the limited Personal Accident cover provided for in this policy.

Section D- Personal Accident

Table of Benefits Table A Table B

If accidental bodily injury is the only and direct cause of: Age5-15 Age 16-75

1.Death £3,000 £10,000
2.Permanent total loss of one or more limbs £10,000 £10,000
3.Permanent total loss of all sight of one or both eyes £10,000 £10,000
4.Permanent total inability to attend to any occupation or business £10,000 £10,000
5.Temporary total inability to attend to the usual occupation Nil Weekly Wage or
salary up to £75PW
6.Medical Expenses reasonably and necessarily incurred by the assured
In addition to or in lieu of payment under benefit 5 £250 £250

Limited Personal Accident Insurance

Members who consider they require higher cover or additional cover over and above any other personal insurance held are advised by the Committee to seek independent advice/quotations.
Additional / higher cover for Personal Accident is the responsibility of individual members.
For additional information and to view a copy of the Societies certificate of insurance please contact any member of the Committee.