Shrek The Musical

Notice:  Postponement of Epsom Players Shrek The Musical! Until March 2022.   

The Epsom Players committee have taken a lot of time to consider the best course of action in relation to our already postponed production of Shrek The Musical.   Unfortunately, we have decided to further postpone it until March 2022.  The dates of the performances will be 8th – 12th March 2022.

We have arrived at this decision because there is still so much uncertainly surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic and what this holds for Theatres resuming.

We have not taken this decision lightly and we have based our decision on a number of factors, including:

1. We are not allowed to hold rehearsals with more than thirty people.  We have a large cast and there is no guarantee that these restrictions would be lifted in time for November.

2. The consequences if there was a further lockdown either nationally or locally or if someone in the cast or crew contracted Covid-19.  It would mean the show would have to be cancelled with no notice or any ability to re-schedule.

3. The Epsom Playhouse has not confirmed when they will re-open.  Even when they do re-open the capacity for the audience could be reduced to under 100.  This just would not be financially viable.

4. As a society and because of where we were in our production in March 2020 when we had to postpone, we already face a loss of nearly £20,000.We cannot take the risk that a production would be cancelled with no notice.

What happens to your tickets?

We know that you will be concerned about tickets you have already purchased. Firstly, thank you for keeping your booking up until this stage. We understand that it is a lot to ask you to keep your booking for a further 18 months.  However, all tickets booked at this stage will automatically be transferred to the corresponding date in March 2022 with the same seats allocated.  So, if you were booked in for the Tuesday performance your ticket will automatically transfer to Tuesday 8th March 2022.

You have the following options:

  1. Maintain your current booking. All bookings have already been transferred to the same performance nights in March 2022. If you are happy for this then you don’t need to do anything.2 . Request a refund. We would prefer you to keep your booking, but there is no obligation to do this. If you decide to request a refund here is how to go about it:
  1. If you booked your ticket directly with TicketSource then you can contact them and they will process the refund.
  2. If you booked your ticket through the Society and TicketSource then please contact Darren Flick on
  3. If you booked your ticket direct with the Epsom Playhouse then please contact them and they will arrange for a refund.

Please note that ticket pricing was set in 2019, so if you cancel then re-book later, we cannot guarantee that rising costs won’t mean an increase in ticket prices.

We would be grateful if you could make a final decision by 1st January 2022 so we can have some certainly regarding what tickets are available.

If you choose to keep your booking there will be the option to change your date or seating allocation nearer the time of the performance, subject to availability.

Finally, thank you for your continued support through these difficult times.  We would like to be able to perform Shrek The Musical! to a full audience in March 2022.  By maintaining your ticket booking you will help us to achieve this and help us to limit the already high losses that this pandemic has brought upon us.

Kindest regards,

On Behalf of the Epsom Players Committee

Darren Flick

Treasurer – Epsom Players